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Projects Swaraj Cooperative of Natural Farmers and Consumers

Disha India has created Swaraj Cooperative of Natural Farmers and Consumers - for us Swaraj means self-reliance, self-management and collective responsibility. It is a collective initiative of small, landless and women farmers to practice natural and ecologically sustainable farming –and also to be self-sustainable financially.

Swaraj is a collective initiative of natural farmers and consumers, who support natural farming, grow desi seeds, rearing local cows and produce natural food product. We strongly believe that "We Are What We Eat", i.e. the quality of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions depends on the kind food we eat, hence our endeavor to grow natural crops and bring natural food to every home. Swaraj will inspire cooperative members towards a holistic life that is healthy, spiritual, integral and joyous.

The fundamental objectives and principles of the Swaraj are:
  • To encourage, support and enable small, landless and women farmers to practice natural zero budget sustainable ecological farming and dairy.
  • To produce natural local food, desi cow milk and other processed natural food products.
  • Consumer families to be members of the cooperative. To have a direct relationship between consumers and farmers.
  • A shared vision and understanding of growing and eating healthy and natural food that benefits both the consumer and the farmer.
  • Experts from different fields like natural farming, healthy cooking, spiritual living, yoga, Ayurveda, etc would also be members of the cooperative.
  • Cooperative will have an internal Quality and Purity team, which will make sure that the processes, practices and produce is completely natural, pure and local–and there are no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds etc.
  • Farmers, consumers and expert members of the co-operative will finalize the cost of the produce mutually every six months.
  • Cooperative will only sell the produce of its member farmers and will not procure from any other sources.
  • Every three months, co-operative will take the requirements of grains, dals, spices, ghee and oil, vegetables and other food material from the consumer member families and will plan accordingly.
  • Farmers and consumers will be required to attend capacity building workshops regularly.
  • All members will be required to attend the cooperative general member meetings, which will be held once in three/six months.
  • Members will maintain the records and data as per the requirement of the cooperative. This will be open and transparent for all members.
  • Cooperative will support and help farmers in buying desi cows and desi seeds.
  • Cooperative will set-up its own community seed banks. We truly believe that real India lives in the villages. It is only when our farmers are prosperous that we will truly be self-reliant and independent. Swaraj is one such step in that direction.

In natural farming we learn from nature i.e. how nature grows and sustains itself. Principles and practices of natural farming have evolved after close observation and study of natural jungles. The big idea of natural farming is to create an ecosystem at the farm. Some of the important principles and practices of natural farming are:

  • Increase the carbon and organic content of soil. All the biomass to be given back to the soil.
  • Mulching - Keep the soil covered, so that microbes and earthworms remain active throughout the day and night.
  • No synthetic manure and fertilizers - only jivamrit. Jivamrit act as a culture and not manure.
  • Multi - cropping
  • Grow desi and local seeds –no hybrid/GMO seeds.
  • No pesticides and chemical
  • No external inputs from the market
  • Ecologically sustainable practices.

Where as in Organic farming, they only assure you of no chemicals and pesticides usage but there is no guarantee of the quality of seeds and manure. Mostly in organic farming they use hybrid seeds and their practices are not ecologically friendly and sustainable

Our farming practices are guided by the philosophy and principles of Subhash Palekar's Zero Budget Natural and Spiritual farming (

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Our farmers are from Karnal, Kurukshetra and Yamunanagar District of Haryana...

Rampal Rampal is a small farmer from Karnal with a land holding of 4 acres. He does natural farming on 7 acres on contract and has 1 desi cow.